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VDH Watertechnology

Over VDH Watertechnology

De missie van VDH Watertechnology

VDH Watertechnology is the specialist in secure and safe water disinfection

De visie van VDH Watertechnology

Secure and safe water available for everyone, everywhere, anytime

SDG 3 - Goede gezondheid en welzijn

Efficient onsite generation of disinfectant from power, salt and water supports communities to battle spread of bacteria, virus and fungi independent from supply chains

SDG 6 - Schoon water en Sanitair

Provide safe drinking water for communities, generating with the same device hygenic liquid and supporting water use efficiency by only dissolving pure disinfectant in water. We avoid accumulation of undesired salts or byproducts due to smart configuration of our equipment.

SDG 9 - Industrie, Innovatie en Infrastructuur

To support the industry reducing transport movements, improve working conditions and water recovery options by onsite generation of disinfectant. We put hauling liquid chemicals, large storage tanks and hazardour conditions into the past and work on autonomous, educated industries and public sectors related to their water (re)use.
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