Searious Business

Zero plastics into our Ocean
Help major users and producers of plastics to make their plastic use more sustainable


Maakt impact op deze SDG's:

Onze impact op: SDG 12 - Verantwoorde Consumptie en Productie

We strive to move large users and producers of plastic towards more sustainable use of plastic.

Onze impact op: SDG 14 - Leven in het Water

We aim to prevent plastic pollution. We offer novel innovation projects to global companies in high volume markets where plastics are involved. Our unique combination of drive, vision and a total value chain approach help our clients be ‘leaders of change’ in their sectors: in packaging, furniture and consumer electronics. This way, our clients can show the world how to move away from virgin plastics.

Onze impact op: SDG 17 - Partnerschap om doelstellingen te bereiken

A change in the plastics industry is not possible in silos. That's why we always work with multiple parties in the chain. In some projects, that partnership takes center stage.


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